📢 Announced 2020-04-24 📢
🆕 Facebook New Product Updates🆕
👀 Watch the full video here: https://www.facebook.com/zuck/videos/10111842214089831/ 👀

Create a room for any activity or event and send them a link for them to join then hangout even if they don’t have an account – they can join by link. You don’t need to schedule up front.

Messenger Rooms

Create and leave it open and there is a tray at the top with all the active rooms.

Can make it private or open.

Hosted natively in Messenger. Launching across all Apps. (What’s App, Instagram and Facebook) And if someone doesn’t have messenger, they will be able to tap on a link and open it in a browser or mobile web.

Instant or scheduled rooms – also integrated with Facebook Events.

You will be able to charge a fee. This is to support creators and small businesses that rely on in-person services. To help people build businesses in these times.

Instagram LIVES to desktop web so you can watch and interact with Instagram lives on your desktop.